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BlockPlanet's Ranks

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Guest: Those who have not yet been promoted by the staff will be in this group. This is the default group

Member: This is the group most people are in. You can do the most basic stuff and you will end up in this rank, when you have been promoted by the staff.
-Member has no specefied Job other than to have fun.

Advertiser: The people in this group, are those who have advertised for the server. To get this rank, you must make a youtube video about the server with the servers address and forum url in the description or the video itself.
-Advertisers must have advertised for our server on youtube using a video or a slide show of some sort.
-Their job is to have fun aswell

Support: People in this rank can promote the guests to members. And are in charge of helping out new players with any questions the may have for staff 
-Promoters are volunteer staff, they handle promotions for Guests and Members. Be nice to them!

Moderator: The moderators are those who make sure everything goes smooth on the server. They can protect areas, kick, ban, etc.
-Moderators are Admins in training. Only trusted community members will be considered for this rank

Admin: The admins watch out for the server and watch over moderators
-Admins keep the server alive!


Owner: The owner is RiverThrough. (Previously known as JoKeR5o9) He makes sure the server is running and that everyone is happy.

JoKaCraft Staff List

- RiverThrough

Staff Lead
- [Josh]






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