Advertiser Application Template [Youtube Video Method]

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Advertisers have a variety of cool features that normal members lack, learn of them here


- You must already be a member in the server
- You must create a YouTube video about the server and upload it to YouTube
- The video is at least 30 seconds long and must contain gameplay from JoKaCraft
- The video must contain the server ip and website url either in the video itself and/or the description box
- The video description must contain both your in game username and forum username for us to know its really your video
- Slideshows are allowed, they are the most simple video to make (for those with bad computer) so make them good.

- The title of your video must contain the latest version of minecraft that the server supports. Ex: "1.10 Minecraft Survival Server"

When the requirements are met, copy the code below and create a thread on the forum, where you link to your video.

What is your username in JoKaCraft?

What is your UUID?

What is the link for your video about the server?

Does your video contain JoKaCraft's server ip address in the video or the description?

Does your video contain your JoKaCraft forum username in the video or the description?


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