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  1. Your memes are pretty dank, mate.


    You get my unofficial phoque of approval.

  2. BlockPlanet Rules and Guidelines These are the rules and guidelines for BlockPlanet. We expect and require all players and staff to adhere to the rules listed below. Any transgressions of the rules will be dealt accordingly, which could result as a kick from the server or a ban for severe infractions. How to Contact and Identify a Staff Member If you find yourself in the need of speaking to a staff member, they can be identified by the prefix next to their name. If you have a problem with a staff member or see one of our staff acting inappropriately, you can report it by posting a thread on our forums. - General - Be respectful to other players and staff members. No spamming in the chat. No Griefing Keep swearing to a minimum. It is not against the rules but unnecessary aggressive swearing will be dealt with No hacked clients of any kind for any purpose. No advertising of any kind. No posting personal information. No exploiting, Report exploits on the forums immediately. Abusing any exploits may result in a permanent ban. You must speak proper English in the chat. We promise we aren't racist, we just can't monitor a language we don't understand. Do not destroy/grief other players' farms and crops. (This is logged and we can find out if you did it) Do not kill other players farm animals. (Also Logged) No Harassment of any kind. Make sure to have fun in the server. - Home/Base Raiding - You may not grief in order to enter someone else's home (This includes tunnels) You may not kill the animals of others You may not take or stomp other people's crops If a door or chest is unlocked you may steal from it You may not harass someone who has built in the wilderness by constantly camping their home - Town Rules - A town owner can grief any of his residents with no consequences (Make sure you trust your town owner) Town owners can control multiple aspects about their region such as whether pvp is allowed and much more therefore they pretty much create their own rules. (Again make sure you trust your town owner) Rules are subject to change at any time, make sure you stay up to date with any future rule changes.