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  9. Hello everyone, its been a while, at this point I'm sure you all know that the creation of "BlockPlanet", my new server, slowly came to a halt. I had a really good vision and ideas to make this new server quite awesome and enjoyable but I guess the task was just a bit much for me. While I can't bring my vision of an awesome minecraft server to you guys, I can bring you the closest thing for me, a classic vanilla survival server! Well... not exactly... A "mostly" vanilla survival minecraft server! There will be some plugins that change the experince a bit but for the most part I want to keep the vanilla feel meaning you cannot expect any game changing features such as teleporting. I guess I could list off the few plugins I currently have in mind. - Mcmmo mcmmo adds a nice feeling of progression and a few players I have gotten a chance to play it with really don't mind it. - GriefPrevention this plugin is ideal to simply have players be able to protect and claim their land - Sleep Sleep is my custom plugin, it allows for a dayvote to be initiated by sleeping in a bed. Once the vote has started other players may also vote for day simply by sleeping in their bed, only 50% of the players online are required for the vote to succeed. This changes the sleeping aspect of vanilla for the better in my opinion. Playing a survival vanilla server you will quickly find out that sleeping for day is incredibly difficult the more players that are online, this plugin tries to balance that while still keeping a little bit of the vanilla aspect in place. -Waypoints Waypoints is also my custom coded plugin, waypoints brings use to the compass in order to accomplish what every minecrafter has ever done, write down coordinates to save an important location. With waypoints you right click your compass and will be able to add and see your waypoints. The compass will help you navigate to the waypoint. There have been a few players who have been enjoying this plugin already and as far as I know they all really enjoy it so I think its a good addition. As far as plugins, thats it! Like I said, mostly vanilla. I'm not interested in making plugins that change the vanilla experience too much. Ideally I want to keep making more plugins but the idea has to be right I suppose. The server is currently whitelisted, it is meant to be a very small server, I am not expecting it to grow very much if at all but I thought it would be a good idea to invite the old JoKaCraft player to come survive. If anyone is interested drop a comment below with your mc username and I will whitelist you and any friends you may want to join you, the whitelist might eventually be turned off but as of now while I get things working I rather have it on to avoid any issues with randoms. IP: Hope to see you guys soon!
  10. Just remembered the great times I had on JoKaCraft when I was an annoying brat and went by Glozzum and made that huge town. I even had a secret underground base on an island which people joined by solving puzzles! I cant wait for the launch of this if it happens at some point to bring me back to this game :) have a good day if anyone reads this
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