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  2. Just remembered the great times I had on JoKaCraft when I was an annoying brat and went by Glozzum and made that huge town. I even had a secret underground base on an island which people joined by solving puzzles! I cant wait for the launch of this if it happens at some point to bring me back to this game :) have a good day if anyone reads this
  3. I'll try to get a new SSL, as for the server 1.13 is going to break alot of things for servers so I had to stop developing until it comes out. Sadly its how minecraft has always been always pushing server breaking updates
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  5. Can't help but see the SSL expired. Can we hope for a renewal? If not, I get it. Been a while, but we've been here before.
  6. I'll have to make an exploiter rank and give it to the known exploit abusers such as yourself!
  7. I'm totally not one of those people who do /home when they're falling into the void or anything.
  8. Yeah I'm trying my best to focus on features that will make the individual experience more fun rather than what I did with JoKaCraft 3.0 which was that I invested alot of time into creating features that would only really work with tons of players online and since we never really had many players alot of features were just simply never used. Hopefully I get it right this time :D
  9. Hey man im glad you're trying to make it more survival based and stuff, but just like try to keep it fun too js
  10. Hey all, decided it would be a good idea to make a post discussing what exactly I aim BlockPlanet to be and when we can expect a release. Okay so lets begin, BlockPlanet is obviously a minecraft server which I have been developing for the past few months. What I aim this server to be like is a much more vanilla like survival experience. I still however want to have an economy that promotes player interaction through activities and player trading such as shops. With an economy in place I can keep features such as a hatshop/a bank/a lottery system and more that promote the usage of the economy without changing the vanilla aspect of the game much. What I have done to tackle the non vanilla feeling is heavily restrict teleporting. Lets be honest teleporting around a world breaks alot of the hardcore vanilla experience, but I didn't want to remove it altogether so I just heavily restricted it and set it up to be more fair. I'm quite happy with the changes I have made both as the developer/owner and as the player who would abuse /home <homename> when I was about to die in lava In a nutshell I want to balance features like teleportation so that they cannot be abused against the survival experience. Now lets talk about a release date, currently I honestly have no idea when I will have a public ready version. I can say that I have done quite alot, I have recoded all of the following: Bank, lottery, mallshops, marriage, pets, staffsecurity, warps and a few others that I wont mention just yet. Getting all of that recoded and changing it to work with mysql (a way to store large amounts of data) took me a while but I have been coding faster than I ever have before and the issue is I just don't get alot of free time to work on the server alot since I have a full time job. So a release date? Uhmm, I can't give one but what I will say is that I will try my best to open to the public in 2-3 months. Maybe April 1st Anyway I hope this was informative, I'm very excited to play on the server with others even if we don't have tons of players there should still be plenty of fun to be had :D
  11. Oh my let the hype begin!!!
  12. He lives!
  13. Whoo
  14. Yeah I do
  16. ayee! Of course I still remember you :D How you been
  17. "its been too long love!" ayy yall mofos remember me
  18. Awesome! The hype is real
  19. ... forgot to add "from the creator of jokacraft" at the beginning.. ./rekt
  20. about damn time
  21. Hello! I want to welcome any JoKaCraft players into my new project! BlockPlanet! I'm very excited to have a fresh start and hopefully create something amazing. As you may notice these forums were directly transferred from the JoKaCraft forums, all your accounts still exist aswell as all forum data, alot of posts were simply removed as they no longer apply to the new server. If you have any questions about the new server feel free to ask them below! Server development has been steadily going very well, almost every single feature is being recoded from the ground up and many changes are being made, I aim to make the survival experience much more enjoyable and much more vanilla but at the same time with our custom awesome features. No release date is set as of now but as soon as I feel ready I will make sure to update everyone through here
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